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Deathbag: Holier Than Thou TPB and Issue 4 Kickstarter By Julio A. Guerra

East Chicago,IN – Creator Julio A. Guerra announce on March 2, 2018 that he will be launching a kickstarter for Deathbag: Holier Than Thou Trade Paperback that will include issue four.

The book will include the following:

  • All three current issues of Deathbag

  • Issue four featuring The Coroner written by Anthony Cleveland (Sliver Skin) , Deathbag goes to Grapplemanina co-written by Vinny Malave (The Cryptic Closet), Deathbag goes to Brewfest, and a My Pretty Princess Monkey story co-written by J Adam Farster (Humalien)

  • NerdLife story written by Ben Miller (Judges)

  • The Ralphs created by Ashley Esper

  • Deathbag Cover Gallery featuring the artwork of J Adam Farster

  • Deathbag pin ups from artist Lisa Jones, Topher Kearby, Bill Halliar, and Chris Sajpel

  • Samples of Deathbag concept art, pages, and scripts

The Kickstarter campaign will begin on Friday May 25,2018.

About Deathbag

Deathbag was created by Julio A. Guerra in 2016, to be a part of anthology comic book. As things progressed and with the help of friends J Adam Farster and Bill Halliar, Deathbag had his first comic “The Epic Misadventures of Deathbag” released at the NWI Comic Con in February of 2017.

Deathbag is a grim reaper who deals with everyday human life such as going the movies, going to see his favorite heavy metal band, going grocery shopping, and more.

In 2017, Julio launch a successful Kickstarter campaign for issue two, which was released at New York City Comic Con in October 2017. With momentum continuing issue three was released again at NWI Comic Con in February 2018. To date “The Epic Misadventures of Deathbag” has won Frist Aid Comics “Comic of the Week” award and ComixCentral “Comic of the Week award.

About Julio A. Guerra

Julio A. Guerra is a comic creator/artist from East Chicago,IN. His influences include horror, sci-fi, street art, pro wresting, and music. Julio has been in the industry for five years with published credits including: Upper Deck/Marvel, Floor 13 Studios, A & O Comics, 3B Entertainment, and the Lab creative group.

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