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Geeks A Gogo Tabletop Role-Playing Game Reviews

Geeks a Gogo is proud to announce our newest feature: the first-ever standardized tabletop role-playing game review format. Our review format was created with input of game designers and players with decades of experience playing tabletop role-playing games. Our reviews will focus on role-playing games on a book-by-book basis, and feature metrics that are a concern to every gamer. Our reviews will focus not so much as much on what is good or bad about a book, but rather whether it fits your style of play. Do you like running one-shot games or long-term campaigns? Do you like settings with a rich background, or something lighter that gives you the freedom to homebrew your own story as a DM? We'll answer questions like these and many others.

And the perhaps the best part of it is our unique format, which any role-playing gamer will find familiar--our very own role-playing game review stat sheet. See our example below for an explanation of the metrics in each section!

To get you started on this new adventure, here is a guide to our RPG "stat-sheet" review format:

Check out our first reviews:

Keep watching our home page for more reviews coming on a weekly basis!

Special thanks to the players and game designers who gave their feedback on the design of this project, including Clinton Boomer, Eric Frankhouse, and Jaye Sonia of Stormbunny Studios for his initial input and encouragement that made this all possible.

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