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Justice League: It's Very Okay

So, we saw the latest offering from the DC cinematic universe: Justice League. The critics haven't been kind to this movie, with Rotten Tomatoes reporting a score in the upper 30s. But for the average comic book fan who is happy to see their beloved characters come to life on the big screen, it's not a bad watch. The film didn't blow us away with storytelling, but it did a pretty good job of introducing the characters and bringing them together with a purpose. The film is not groundbreaking, and the writing is at best adequate for getting all the players on the field for the main battle scenes. Of course, a lot of it feels a bit rushed, and the dialogue isn't great--including a lot of old throwback lines from Batman v Superman. The saving grace of the film is really the action scenes. The fighting looks amazing, especially amidst the other-worldly scenery of the end scene. Though, the villain, Steppenwolf is pretty one-dimensional, and has little backstory.

Synopsis with spoilers:

In the wake of Superman's death at the end of Batman v Superman, Batman has found a new threat that is gathering after encountering flying demons around Gotham city. He seeks to gather the team that he was looking to build since BvS, by seeking out Aquaman who may know something about three mysterious boxes that these demons seem to be seeking. Aquaman is less than helpful at first. However, Wonder Woman soon comes to his aid after a raid on Themyscira ended in Steppendwolf--an otherworldy entity--stole one of the boxes that was placed in the trust of the Amazonians. He and Wonderwoman join forces and decide to recruit other metahumans, Flash and Cyborg, whom they believe can help them repel the threat. In the mean time, we find out that the Atlanteans have the second box--which Aquaman fails to protect, when he loses in a fight to Steppenwolf who runs off with it.

Soon, they are assembled in Gotham, when Commissioner Gordon informs them of an attack on STAR Labs--where one of the mystical boxes is kept for study. They arrive to confront Steppenwolf, and are able to drive him off with the help of Aquaman, who shows up just in time. They take the third box with them and devise a plan to use its power to resurrect Superman, by combining it with the technology in the downed Kryptonian ship in Metropolis.

Though they are successful in bringing the Man of Steel back to life, he doesn't remember who his friends are, and battles the rest of the team. Of course, Batman has a backup plan--bringing in Lois to jog his memory. He grabs Lois and flies off, while Steppenwolf shows up to grab third box while they are distracted.

The team licks its wounds and tracks down Steppenwolf to somewhere in Russia. They confront him in an eerie landscape that is popping up around the area of the combined boxes, which transform the land into the hellish landscape of Steppenwolf's homeworld. A fight ensues, but will Superman get there in time to save the day? Of course he will...

In summary, the film isn't a brilliant work of screenwriting, but the fight scenes do look incredible on the big screen, and will still be stunning on your high def TV at home. It's a fun movie, especially if you're a comic book fan who is looking forward to seeing your favorite DC heroes on the big screen. Unless your favorite hero is Green Lantern--but don't worry, there is at least an Easter egg for you in there.

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