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What to See at Wizard World Chicago 2017

We stopped by Wizard World Chicago today, to get a look at what the event has to offer this weekend for it's 20th year. Our writers have been attending this event for several years, and this one feels like the biggest Wizard World event that Chicago has ever seen. The floor is huge--packed with vendors, and as usual, it spills over into multiple halls in the Donald E Stephens Convention Center. This year's event takes up most of the entire first floor of the convention center, and even much of the 2nd floor.

First of all, let's start with the massive floor. You can easily spend several hours walking around looking at booths for vendors, artists, and cosplayers. The biggest area of the convention is typically Hall A, which was packed with vendors this year. Comic book vendors are everywhere--and I stopped counting after seeing about a dozen or so. As well, there are lots of artists, toy vendors, and people selling lots of other geeky items. Here is a taste of what to expect:

And that was just Hall A. This year, Wizard World has put together a very convenient corridor between hall A and Hall F, which has another whole floor of vendors, and connects to the celebrity area, where you can meet the stars of many of your favorite shows and films. This area had a lot of booths representing cosplayers there to discuss their costume building techniques, and cosplay troops who are recruiting for other events. As well, you can speak with representatives from other events, such as Chicago Tardis, and Anime Con, who is running a maid cafe at this event!

As well, this year, there are a ton of other activities, including tabletop and video gaming, presentations, music, a haunted house, light-saber fights, and even a car show up on the 2nd floor! Have a look at the other things you can try and see around the convention:

If you don't have your tickets yet, make sure to get your passes here, and use code GEEKSAGOGO for 10% off. This event runs through Sunday, August 27th, 2017, but if you can't attend, then check out our discount page for other Wizard World events around the country.

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