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GENCON 50 Days 2-3

We're continuing our coverage of Gen Con 50, highlighting events on the floor and around the convention center.

One of our favorite exhibitions was at the Lucas Oil stadium near the convention center. There, you can play games from the Gen Con game library, and participate in tournaments.

Our favorite part is the exhibit on the history of Gen Con, a very special feature this year for the 50th anniversary. It includes tributes to Gen Con founder, Gary Gygax, as well as plaques that outline the history of the convention. You can even see items from Gen Con's evolution through the decages--early copies of Chainmail and Dungeons and Dragons, and card games, such as Magic the Gathering, from the 90's, and copies of games from the early 2000's. This display is a must-see for veteran con-goers, and newcomers alike.

Also, be sure to drop by the floor and do some game demos. We managed to check out a few, including Growers from Vice Games.

And, of course, we stopped by Paizo's always incredible ballroom setup for a demo of their awesome Starfinder game.

More to come!

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