Zombie Awareness Month -- "Oh Deer!"

Zombie Mondays

If you see someone walking up the street with an ominous grey ribbon pinned to their lapel, relax -- it is just a fellow zombie fan recognizing May as Zombie Awareness Month.

The Zombie Research Society, a private not-for-profit organization established in 2007, created the observance about seven years ago, according to founder and CEO Matt Mogk.

"What would you do if a zombie showed up at your door," he asked during a conversation with www.geeksagogo.com. "We are geeking out on zombies from a hypothetical perspective."

Site members have chatted with actual disaster preparedness experts, authorities on pandemics and others as source material for articles on topics of interest to zombie fans.

Members range from survivalists to film buffs -- anyone with an interest in zombies.

"We started with science articles but have since branched out," said Mogk.

The organization's advisory board includes the "Don of the Dead" himself -- George A. Romero.

More information on the society can be found here.

We hope to speak with members of the society in future installments.

In brief I stumbled across the following article after hearing a rumor about man-eating deer at work. Enjoy!

And if that doesn't creep you out, try this -- an older article but still pretty scary.

I may as well include a link to this piece as well. I was following this story when it was discussed in April and it is fascinating.

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