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Q&A -- Outbreak: Undead

Zombie Mondays

We recently had a chat with Ivan Van Norman, the developer and marketing manager for Hunter Books about the company's zombie pen-and-paper RPG Outbreak:Undead

Q: What supplements has Your company released for Outbreak: Undead since its initial release? A: Outbreak: Undead 1st edition has seen a large amount of content since its initial release. Our Zombie Bestiary and Biome sourcebook - Outbreak: Wild Kingdom Our Stand-Alone Sci-Fi Module - Outbreak: Deep Space As well as several card sets, tons of Free Content Friday, and other adventures like White Out which are featured on DTRPG. Q: How many editions of the core rules are there? A: Currently there is 2 - but the Second Edition is only in the form of a Pocket Rulebook at the moment. We'll be kickstarting the core set at the start of 2017. Q: In your opinion, how is the market for zombie-themed RPGs? A: There is definitely been more saturation since we first launched in 2010. However, there was plenty of zombie RPGs before us. While there may be some Zombie Fatigue in TV/Comics/Media I don't think it will ever disappear. We also continue to see a great interest in people playing a SURVIVAL simulation RPG which is what Outbreak: Undead best brings to the market. Q: What in your estimation might be the next step in the evolution of your game? A: We'll be using the 2nd Edition to explore lots of other Outbreak and Disaster Scenarios. We'd love to make Outbreak the go-to system to run any apocalyptic scenario that *feels* real, be it something more focused on Raiders, Monsters, Aliens (like we did in Deep Space). We also have plans to expand the SPEW-AI, as well as work on other ways to streamline game mechanics and character creation with our upcoming Kickstarter.

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