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Out of Time Studio Announces Availability of “Last Unicorn Melvin Plush" Kickstarter Last Unico

Chicago— March 16, 2016— Today, Out of Time Studio announced the launch of the “Last Unicorn Melvin Plush" Kickstarter, enabling comic book fans to help bring the plush to life.

“After the positive reception of the book and handmade Melvin plush, we wanted to have a chance to mass produce Melvin, which would allow us to extend the reach of the book and the character,” said Jack Gonzalez, Last Unicorn creator at Out of Time Studio.

The story was able to be printed thanks to a successful Kickstarter back in October of 2013.

Since then, Out of Time Studio founders, Maria and Jack Gonzalez, have traveled across the country promoting the book and selling the handmade Melvin dolls sewn by Maria. The whole idea behind the “Last Unicorn” story was to break the taboo often associated with mental illness.

The book follows Melvin, the Last Unicorn, as he fights to find a meaning in his life, while surviving the challenge of depression.

“After being medically discharged from the military due to a neurological disease, I suffered through my own depression and turned to art as a way to channel those feelings of frustration and anger. I am astonished by the feedback the book has gotten thus far and to know that it has helped those in similar situations,” said Jack, “Being able to do something I love and also having an impact on someone’s personal struggle is beyond humbling.”

The mood of the book is dark humor, which sets up for an interesting theme and contradiction where humor and sadness coexist with the main character, whose image of a unicorn is most commonly associated with an elegant, beautiful and pure creature. However, this image is shattered with Melvin’s own deeply disturbing mental illness and his struggle to cope.

It is that emotional conflict that has drawn people to the story and to Melvin. Out of Time Studios is committed in bringing his story to larger audiences by continuing Melvin’s journey with new adventures and incorporating new characters, with their own set of struggles and journeys.

“Last Unicorn Melvin Plush" Kickstarter Availability

“Last Unicorn Melvin Plush" Kickstarter is driven by customer demand of our Melvin Plush and is part of Out of Time Studio’s commitment to bring quality products. “Last Unicorn Melvin Plush" Kickstarter is currently active at: until April 15th, 2016.

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