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Crown Championhips of Cosplay 2016 (Behind the Scenes)

This year it has been quite an honor to be selected at the local qualifying round of Crown Championships of Cosplay. To find out more about my journey and see a few behind the scenes from making my Galacta cosplay, click here. For those not familiar with "The Crown" - this is a prestigious, world-wide competition held by Reed Pop in which they select the best of the best when it comes to cosplay around the world. Hundreds competed in Chicago alone, and only 31 were selected. If you want to see the full line up for Chicago's qualifying round, please click here.

The contest was held on March 19, 2016 at 7pm CST with live streaming via

Regional finalist from France, Australia, Indonesia, Austria (to name a few) are among the finalists that flew to Chicago for the big event to battle it out on stage. Here are the judges (Photo taken from

Photo taken from

Check out our behind the scenes pictures from the event and get to see the competitors before and after the ceremony. (Thank you, Malmey Studios, for some of the pics! The folks from Malmey participated in the competition, with their amazing Darkwing Duck cosplay. :) )