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'Walking Dead' March 13 episode review

Zombie Mondays

If you were expecting an immediate resolution to last week’s cliffhanger ending, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Instead, Carrol and Maggie, having been taken prisoner by a very pissed off bunch of Saviors, are taken to a sort of detention area while the prisoner swap details that are hashed out between the savior leader (Paula) and Rick.

Wherein takes place a sort of psychodrama between captives and captors (reminds one a little of the Saw series). Carrol and Maggie escape and…..

Before we go any further…….

As promised I ran an experiment to see how easily a knife could penetrate a human skull. Lacking a real human skull, I bought a coconut and set it on a table.

Using a Gerber Prodigy (good, basic combat knife), I stabbed away. Most of the time, the sucker kept skittering away. The times it didn’t, the knife point barely even dug into the coconut. Either a coconut is tougher than a human skull, or the Walking Dead head stabbing stuff is BS.

How do you open a coconut? I used a band saw.

Back to the review.

Anyway, Carrol and Maggie escape their captors and, in a very surreal sequence, they discover that the Saviors are using the dead as watchdogs of a sort -- keeping their captives in, and keeping others out.

Paula, who turns out to be a lot more sympathetic than we were originally led to believe, is killed by Carrol in a most heinous fashion. The other saviors are burned alive.

Carrol at least shows some remorse in killing, but Maggie goes full-blown animal-like at times. Rick, who literally murders the savior Deegan in cold blood, is little more than a sociopath at this point.

The show, which has teetered on moral ambiguity at times, is now presenting the protagonist group as the bad guys. True, it’s a world where one must do what’s necessary to survive, but the violence is simply getting gratuitous. Rick and crew are simply no longer the good guys. The show hasn’t quite jumped the shark yet and it is, overall, still enjoyable. However, without anyone to really root for (besides Glenn, of course), I wonder how long they can keep stretching it out.


John Fulcher

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