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Review of Feb. 21 'Walking Dead'

Zombie Mondays

So yet another week -- another tragedy and overcoming an impossible situation with little to no effort except for maybe running a bit which is something they are used to.

Yes I am referring to the Darry/Rick "Overcoming the law of averages" and finding a truck full of food (and of course the special request pop) just to be hoodwinked out of the truck. Of course all they had to was run a little ways tracking tire marks before coming upon the truck in the middle of the road with the thief distracted by checking the cargo at that moment for no particular reason. They easily sneak up upon the hoodlum and with a tiny confrontation they of course take down their foe and driving off into the sunset as Daryl spews out some wise-ass comment.

Of course that isn't the end. The hoodlum somehow ends up on the roof and a confrontation occurs further down the road. This is where the "you may think I want to kill you until I prove myself by saving your life" moment got thrown in and yet another stranger is brought to the compound. Of course it does not end there, like the chicken joke from Family Guy it must continue on longer than necessary until you are saying to yourself if it’s over. The hooligan is given a place to sleep and is checked to ensure he is healthy -- I am going to say that this will lead to another invasion by some random clan down the road leaving everyone on the run once more. Is it me or did Carl overcome being shot in the eye rather quickly and without a grudge? Let me also say that it is time for that damned hat to go -- there is no more symbolism to be had from it. Here is another question, what is Carl’s new obsession with not killing the dead? Had he acquired some sort of attraction for the dead? He really hasn't been much of a ladies man so maybe he is settling for what he can get (maybe it's just me though). And then we have the closure of the mother-and-child reunion in the woods. He has been wandering alone in search of his mother just to provide her with a proper burial (oh how sweet!) and I ask you, do you really care? Did it really add anything that makes you say “wow, didn't see that coming” even if you didn't see it coming.

Good thing there was the sword swinging Rasta there to help by offering counseling skills and helping with the grave. He would have been out in those woods way to long by himself if he had to doing all that digging alone leaving himself vulnerable to the dead.

Then she will turn her emotional support to Carl in his time of vulnerability. When did she become Dr. Phil?

Finally she brings her support to Rick and the tension is just too much -- emotions and hormones take over. Is there a relationship forming here? Do we really care? I wish I started reviewing this show back when they were original and offered interesting perspectives with character development and storylines you could follow and care about. Now the characters are overdeveloped and the stories are either recycled or have nothing to do with anything leaving you wondering why you wasted your time. I will push myself to once again endure another episode next week just because I try to finish what I start but it keeps getting harder and harder.

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