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When Fashion and Games Collide: playCHIC 2015

Starting off the CHITAG 2015 event this weekend is playCHIC 2015 - a fashion show inspired by this year's hottest toys and games.

The show featured fashion inspired by toys and games from Mayfair Games, Spin Master’s Meccano and Zoomer Kitty toys. Designers for last nights show were Peach Carr, Michelle Tan and Laura Thaphthimkuna.

Peach Carr's fantastic outfits last night was quite the crowd favorite! She created several notable pieces, such as the Mayfair Games Extra Extra game inspired outfit, and the Zoomer Kitty inspired outfit (check out the sketch from my other post).

Talk about heavy metal - check out this Meccano dress from the show, created by Michelle Tan.

Laura Thaphthimkuna 's dress inspired by Mayfair Games' game, Mystery - Motive for Murder was a thing of dreams!

Here is the photo gallery from the show:

I asked Larry Roznai, president of Mayfair Games, to see which one of the designs was his favorite. He loved the 40's inspired "Extra Extra" pants as well as the Mystery inspired dress.

*Swoon* Let's look at that Mystery inspired dress one more time -

I also hung out with Flesh Eater Productions' Scout Dean Mcqueen.

Love this fellow geek girl!

We also met Kidz World TV and did a short interview for them.

And was so happy to finally meet Shari Spiro of AdMagic and Breaking Games.

Don't forget to visit their booth this weekend on ChiTAG - number 1105!!!

playCHIC just keeps getting better each year! I can't wait to see what they have in store for next year!

Hope to see you at ChiTAG 2015 at Navy Pier this weekend!

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