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The Walking Dead-'Let's eat Korean'

Zombie Mondays

If you were hoping to hear about whether Glenn lived or died last week, episode four is a serious disappointment. Instead, we get to learn of Morgan’s backstory, and why he doesn’t give the marauding wolves the killing they need.

It takes place somewhere between the “Clear” episode and Walking Dead’s nowtime. Morgan apparently left his one-horse town and resumed his mission to “clear” the undead. Unfortunately, a now near-feral Morgan doesn’t discriminate between the living and the dead. His travels bring him to the home of a man and his goat. The machinegun-toting Morgan is layed flat with an oaken jo stick.

During a brief imprisonment, we learn of his captor’s own story. Eastman, a former prison psychiatrist and accomplished Akaido practitioner, had a wife and children who were killed by one of his prison interviewees. But, he admonishes, all life is precious—a tenet of his philosophy we learn he hasn’t always adhered to.

Morgan is released and taught the Akaido—the Art of Peace. His mind and spirit clear, but his instructor and friend (a former prison psychiatrist named Eastman) is lost to the walkers. After burying him, Morgan leaves Eastman’s cabin (with jo stick and rifle) to pursue the path of the peaceful warrior that Morgan has become.

Like everyone else, I was curious to find out whether Glenn actual died at the end of episode three. It has been speculated that the suicided Nicolas fell on top of Glenn, and it was actually Nicolas that the walkers were feasting on. But watch the scene if you can bear to. It’s clearly Glenn the walkers are biting, tearing, and ripping into. If Glenn comes back in any other state than dead, the producers are going to have some serious retconning to do.

Nice knowing you, Glenn. But we’re still rooting for you!

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