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Cards Against Humanity Play Test at Bar 63 - Chicago, IL

Last night's Cards Against Humanity playtest event was held at Bar Sixty Three from 7:00pm through 11:00pm. Quite a number of attendees showed up at the event, and received a swag bag full of surprises!

Cards Against Humanity hosts a lot of fun events, other than the playtest we attended last night. Here's the link to the last playtest we went to with Cards Against Humanity a few months ago.

New test cards were played, which will most likely be a part of a new expansion that CAH will be releasing soon. The gamers also had the chance to play Secret Hitler, and we had the pleasure of playtesting the "Astronomy Game" created by Zach Barton.

​Zach is putting together this new game, following the success of his game Bad Detectives - a game that was featured at Breaking Game's GenCon2015 Saloon.

Missed out on last night's playtest? Check out our Geek Calendar ​for more upcoming events like these in the area!

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