Hebru Brantley at Vertical Gallery

Geeks-a-Gogo recently dropped by Veritcal Gallery to check out "Memoirs of the Minimum Wage"--a showing of the artwork of Chicago's own Hebru Brantley. Many in Chicago know Mr. Brantley for his street art, but this show gave us a look at some of the work that he produces in his Chicago studio. Mr. Brantley displays qutie the range in artistic talent--this show featured sketches, paintings, and even several sculptures.

Most of the pieces in the show featured the iconic image associated with his brand: an adventerous young boy, wearing goggles, typically posing as if he were a superhero leaping into action. The comic book and anime influences in Mr. Brantley's artwork give his artwork a lot of geek appeal.

Have a look at some of the pieces from the Vertical Gallery show:

As well, we got a sampling of Hebru Brantley's sketch work:

Most amazingly, we got to see some of his sculptures. We even heard a rumor that George Lucas recently purcased something similar to the large one pictured below:

The Memoirs of the Minimum Wage show was the featured show for June 2015 at Vertical Gallery, located at 1016 N. Western Ave.Chicago. Check out there next show "Versus" featuring the work of Lie, running July 11th-26th. Check back at geeksagogo.com for more information on upcoming shows at Vertical Gallery.

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