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Cards Against Humanity has Events in Chicago that You Should Know About

Cards Against Humanity is one of my favorite table top games. I was so excited that they actually hold a lot of events out here in Chicago.

​For this particulkar event, they were playtesting brand new cards - possibly for a new extension pack.

I came to one of their game testing events, and we had so much fun!

The attendee's favorite was Secret Hitler - where you guess which players are Fascists, and you try to avoid to elect Hilter as a Chancellor.

Gold Case was another great game where you guess which suitcase has the gold by 'unlocking' the suitcases you swap out with other 'robbers' in the game.

Quid Pro Quo is a poilitcal- themed game where you try to win a campaign

Hillarious game of "Who Took My Eggs" was a creation from one of the staff members in the CAH office. Other players hide the eggs while you turn around or close your eyes and once you turn back around, they need to guess who's taken the eggs and how much of the eggs they are hiding. As you can imagine, it is the perfect game when people start feeling a little tipsy at parties.

Don't fret about missing this event! Check out our calendar for upcoming events from Cards Against Humanity!!!!

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